Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Photo of Gene Stanley Holding A Large Plaque.Gene Holding The Permanent Plaque.
Photo © 2011 Dave Baysinger

SPCFPD’s first responders were honored on January 18th, 2011 at an event held at the Bull Moose Restaurant in Guffey. Thirty-six people (including volunteers, employees, board members and their guests), attended the first annual “Volunteer Appreciation Dinner”.

Board Chairman Sam Calanni and Chief Gene Stanley both spoke at the event, thanking all the volunteers for the time and effort they give to the community. They also acknowledged the volunteers’ spouses and families who sacrifice time with their loved ones when they are called upon to respond to calls, attend training or participate in other District functions.

Chief Stanley presented special recognition plaques to eight individuals whose performance in 2010 was “above and beyond” the call of duty. Six of those volunteers are shown in the group picture below (from left to right): Gordon Scott, Rita Baysinger, (Chief Stanley), Jim Yoder, Davis Tilton, Randy Quick and Kent Wierman. Also receiving plaques, but not attending the event, were: Jim Ivey and Seth Stahlman.

Photo of Gene Stanley holding plaque for the LePages.Gene Displaying The LePages' Plaque.
Photo © 2011 Dave Baysinger

Each year, a special Volunteer of the Year (VOY) award will be presented to the District’s most outstanding volunteer. A permanent plaque will be on display at the main fire station in Guffey with the name of each year’s VOY permanently attached to the plaque. Additionally, the individual who receives the VOY award each year will be presented with his/her own engraved plaque to keep and display. For this first year, 2010, the VOY award was presented to two deserving volunteers, Joan LePage and Larry LePage “in appreciation for countless hours of service contributed to the fire and medical needs of the Guffey community”. The LePages were unable to attend the Appreciation Dinner because they are wintering in Arizona away from the snow and ice.

Group Photo of Most The Firefighters Awarded Plaques Holding Their Plaques.Gordon Scott, Rita Baysinger, (Chief Stanley), Jim Yoder, Davis Tilton, Randy Quick and Kent Wierman.
Photo © 2011 Dave Baysinger

Thank you to the Bull Moose for hosting the event and thanks to Dave Baysinger for the pictures.

Note: Writer Anita Long serves on the board of directors of the Southern Park County Fire Protection District.

Anita Long
February 08, 2011