Nash Ranch Fire

Map of Nash Ranch Fire

Latitude: 38 degrees 46' 9"
Longitude: 105 degrees west 21' 31"
Final Acres: 1115
100% contained 3:30pm 6/29 most evacuations were lifted at 7:00p on 6/28. No residences were lost, although 7 were directly threatened. One out building and a camper were lost. Transitioned to local resources at 6:00am on 6/30.

Total personal: 223
2 Helicopters
1 Hotshot Hand Crew
2 Type 2 Hand Crews
20 Engines (mostly Type 6, but some bigger)
At least 2 dozers.
At least 5 water tenders.
Several air tankers were used over the course of the fire.

This department at various times during the fire provided 2 type 6/7 engines, 2 water tenders, and personnel for hand lines. Medical support was also provided.

Nash Ranch Fire Report

by correspondent Cassandra Hotovy

Recently the Guffey Fire Department or SPCFPD has been very busy. The Nash Ranch Fire has kept our local fire department occupied. The local volunteers have been run ragged trying to put the fire out and keep it out.

On June 22nd Fairplay relayed to the district 9 fire dept the information of a smoke report in the Nash ranch area. After five hours of searching for the origin of the smoke, with no success, they returned to the station.

On Tuesday June 24th smoke emerged again on the Nash ranch. A fire line was established and the fire was contained at 1am the department went home planning to go back out the next day to patrol the area and put out any smokers or flareups. Wednesday firefighters went back to the scene of the fire, the few flareups and smokers were put out.

Thursday June 26th the Guffey fire chief and another (Jason Martin) went out to the fire scene to see if anymore smokers were to be found. There was one area of open flame. The area was 18" in diameter by a rock formation. Guffey fire chief Gene Stanley says, "The fire was very aggressive. Right in front of our eyes it burned across the field and climbed a tree." After watering it down for about 10 minutes, Gene called in Mutual aid. By that night the fire had consumed over 1000 acres. Everyone in Bear Trap was evacuated. Approximately 80 homes were evacuated. These people were evacuated for 3-4 days.

The Nash Ranch fire consumed 1115 acres all together.