This is an archived changelog, iterating changes and updates for the Guffey Fire website, generated automatically from my git commits, and made publicly available to foster transparency by informing interested parties what modifications have been made, and when. Commit comments aren't submitted for approval, nor are they checked for accuracy or grammatical correctness. These are not to be interpreted as being sanctioned by, or an official communication of, the Southern Park County Fire Protection District.

Archived Changelog - 2014

2014-12-31 - Received and Posted November 2014 Treasurer Report.

Requested November 2014 Treasurer Report again, received from Board Chair Thomas and posted.

2014-12-30 - Received and posted January 2015 roster.

Changes (from last received roster: November 2014): Eugene Farmer status from Probationary Farmer to Engineer. Steve Taylor and Jay Willis added. Flip Boettcher, Maria Mandel, and Tim Rucker moved to Reserve.

2014-12-17 - Received and posted notice of special meeting.

Received and posted notice of December 22, 2014 Special Board Meeting. Received status update from Board Chair on when Treasurer will submit report for website: No ETA.

2014-12-04 - Posted two meeting minutes.

Received and posted meeting minutes for October 17, 2014 Special Meeting and November 06, 2014 regular meeting.

2014-12-01 - Received and posted Board Agenda for December 03, 2014.
2014-12-01 - Posted notice of changed board meeting date.

Posted notice on main page that board meeting for December 4, 2014 will now be held December 3, 2014.

2014-11-24 - Received & Posted November 26, 2014 Special Meeting Agenda.
2014-11-14 - Posted Summary of Treasurer's Report for October 2014.

Received and posted summary of October 2014 Treasurer's report from Board Chair Thomas.

2014-11-13 - Posted notice of special meeting.

Received and posted notice of special meeting for November 17, 2014.

2014-11-09 - Received and posted November 2014 Roster.

Changes: Jim Ivey removed. Brad LLonummi added. Ric Turley status from Probationary Firefighter to Firefighter. Jan Breslin and Will Burkhart moved to Reserve.

2014-11-07 - Posted final board meeting minutes for October 02, 2014.
2014-11-03 - Received and posted Board Agenda for November 06, 2014.
2014-10-20 - Received and posted UNCONFIRMED minutes for Oct 02 Meeting.
2014-10-16 - Posted proposed 2015 budget.

Received proposed 2015 budget from Board Chair Thomas, and posted.

2014-10-03 - Posted September Treasurer Report, Removed January Newsletter.

Received September Treasurer report from Board Chair Ken Thomas and posted. Removed SPCFPD Firehouse Dispatch Newsletter from website (Firehouse_Dispatch_Vol_2014_Issue_01.pdf, 29FD9CD734A77FB6EE8D18910ABD7B8F) at request of Chief Mandel, due to Director Parrish's assertion it contains information not allowed due to the settlement, despite not being referenced by (.)'s lawyers. There are no stated plans, at this time, to reimburse advertisers or to repost any of the articles which were allowed, nor are there plans to retrieve each of the hard copies mailed to every resident of the district.

2014-10-02 - Received and posted approved meeting minutes.

Received and posted approved minutes for September 04, 2014 and September 09, 2014 from Board Secretary.

2014-09-30 - Received and posted Board Agenda for October 02, 2014.
2014-09-26 - Received and posted October 2014 Roster.

Changes: Sadie Kubick and Lydia Reynolds removed, Kevin McNamara placed on reserve.

2014-09-21 - Received and posted Final Board Meeting Mintues for August 07, 2014.
2014-09-18 - Received and posted 2014 Quarter 04 Training Schedule.
2014-09-05 - Posted August 2014 Treasurer's Report.

Received and posted August 2014 Treasurer's Report from Board Chair Ken Thomas.

2014-09-05 - Posted notice of Special Board Meeting for September 09, 2014.
2014-09-04 - Received and posted September 2014 Roster.

Changes: Ron Oliver's credentials upgraded from 1st Responder to EMT-B.

2014-09-02 - Received and posted agenda for September 04, 2014 Board meeting.
2014-08-18 - Posted Minutes and Treasurer's Report.

Received and posted revised June 05, 2014 and August 07, 2014 unconfirmed minutes from Board Secretary Mike Brandt. Received and posted July treasurer's report from Board Chair Ken Thomas.

2014-08-10 - Received and posted corrected and approved July 03, 2014 Minutes.
2014-08-05 - Received and posted August 2014 Roster.

Received and posted August 2014 roster containing the following changes: Anita Long, Matthew Leisure, Eugene Farmer, and Kale Casey added.

2014-08-04 - Received and posted Board Agenda for August 07, 2014.
2014-07-30 - Posted DRAFT Meeting Minutes for July 03, 2014.

Received and posted unapproved, draft minutes for the July 03, 2014 Board Meeting.

2014-07-08 - Received and posted Treasurer Report for May 2014.

Received May 2014 Treasurer Report from Board Chair Thomas to post.

2014-07-06 - Received and posted approved June 05 Minutes.
2014-06-30 - Received and posted Draft Agenda and Minutes.

Received and posted draft of Agenda for July 03, 2014 meeting and draft (waiting for approval) minutes for June 05 meeting from Board Chair Thomas.

2014-06-28 - Posted July 2014 Roster And Quarter 03 Training Schedule.

Posted July 2014 Roster (received from Chief Mandel 2014/06/27) containing the following changes: Added Sadie Kubick. Posted training schedule for third quarter of 2014 and updated event roll for July. Removed Board of Directors deprecated election information from landing page.

2014-06-12 - Received and posted May 2014 Treasurer's Report.
2014-06-11 - Received and posted minutes for May 19, 2014 Board Meeting.
2014-06-11 - Received and posted notice of June 25 Town Hall Meeting.
2014-06-01 - Received and Posted Finalized Agenda for June 05, 2014 Board Meeting.
2014-05-25 - Received and posted 5 Board Meeting Minutes.

Received and posted Minutes for Board Meetings on March 21, March 31, April 03, April 17, and May 01, 2014, approved at the May 19, 2014 meeting.

2014-05-22 - Received and posted updated Special District Transparency Notice.
2014-05-21 - Updated Contact Information page.

Changed Contact Information to reflect current Board Chair (from Amy Mason to Ken Thomas). Thanks Anita!

2014-05-21 - Received and posted June 2014 Roster.

Received and posted June 2014 Roster from Acting Chief Mandel containing the following changes: Removed Amy Mason, Anita Long, Nancy Harper, and Jim Ivey from "Board of Directors" on roster. Added Ken Thomas, Sandy Rucker, Steve Wilson, and Mike Parrish to "Board of Directors" on roster. Added Carolyn Zorno.

2014-05-20 - Posted Charts and modified Board of Directors page.

Posted 10 Year History of Fund Balances from Anita Long. Updated Directors page to reflect new regime: Removed Amy Mason, Anita Long, Nancy Harper, and Jim Ivey. Added Kenneth C. Thomas as Board Chair, Sandra Rucker as Treasurer, Mike Parrish and Steve R. Wilson as directors.

2014-05-16 - Posted notice of special meeting for May 19, 2014.
2014-05-08 - Received and Posted May 01, 2014 Chief's Report.
2014-05-08 - Spring Cleaning - Removed Links to The Flume

Removed two external links going to the Flume, as they've retroactively put all their content behind a paywall, requiring visitors to obtain a subscription. Removed:
February 17, 2012 - Pancake Breakfast Draws Estimated 90-plus in Guffey(external link)
January 27, 2012 - Firefighter Dinner Held In Guffey (external link)

2014-05-08 - Spring Cleaning - Removed Blog and all documents linked to it.

Deleted Wordpress blog. It's been supplanted by the Facebook page. The blog proved more popular with Russian spammers (referer)/skript kiddies, than members of the district. The cool images Randy provided for the image carousel are saved and will likely be incorporated into the main page. Posts deemed important enough for the effort will be posted to Facebook, or reposted as PDFs to the proper sections. Links to the blog (all under Press Releases, with one exception) removed. I know I shall feel the unpenetrable anguish of no longer indulging in the constant fight of trying to secure Wordpress against the malcontents; whatever will I fill the hours with? These are the blog titles (as posted) and dates removed (all archived): 2014/01/31 Board Meeting Presentation Regarding May Election
2014/01/25 Firefighter Appreciation Dinner
2013/12/27 SPCFPD S-130/190 Class
2013/12/16 Special Board Meeting Agenda 12/19/13
2013/09/28 Yarnell Hill Accident Report Released
2013/08/13 Kent Wierman resigns as Deputy Chief
2013/08/10 Kent Wierman announced as Deputy Chief
2013/06/17 Doe Valley Wildland Fire June 2013
2013/05/20 Southern Park County Fire Protection District Announces New Chief
2013/05/15 Chief Don Felton Honored at Colorado Fallen Firefighter Memorial
2013/03/19 Surgery Updates
2013/03/10 Notice of Special Public Meetings
2013/02/12 Auxiliary Meeting February 22, 2013
2012/11/28 dont miss this
2012/11/27 Southern Park County Fire Department: Job Opening Fire Chief
2012/11/21 Auxilary December Meeting And Community Christmas Potluck
2012/11/19 SPCFPD Public Information Officer Nominated PIO of the Year
2012/11/12 Notice of Special Meeting November 15, 2012
2012/11/08 Search for a chief
2012/11/05 Fire Chief Don Felton honored at Memorial Service In Guffey
2012/10/31 Memorial Services Set Thursday for Guffey Fire Chief
2012/10/29 Don Felton Memorial And Services Information
2012/10/29 Thank You All
2012/10/28 Passing of Chief Don Felton
2012/10/05 From The Chief
2012/06/26 The Park Ridge Fire

2014-05-07 - Updated Election Information on Main Page

Removed names of candidates not elected to only list unofficially elected candidates, and removed all election material no longer relevant to the District. Only 2 candidates submitted biographies to this website using the officially sanctioned form from the Board they were running for; these bios will be archived for the community to refer back to. Thanks Anita!

2014-05-07 - Posted Uofficial Abstract of Votes.pdf to main page.

Received and posted the unofficial election results for the May 06, 2014 Board Election, forwarded to website by Anita Long, originating from the DEO Rhonda Davis.

2014-05-06 - LEGAL - Finished Obliterating Select Public Records

Created new page, redacted.php, listing the full details of the links, filenames, file sizes, file hashes, and times accessed for every document excised, along with the details of the notice to remove them. Directed the links previously connected to the PDFs to the redacted page, and used the css/html 'strikeout' decoration to show their deprecated status while retaining the transparency expected of the website by the Guffey community.

2014-05-05 - LEGAL - Voluntary Compliance - Document Removal

Removed the following documents off District's website :
(Format of listing: Filename / MD5 Hash )
BoardStmtJan7th2014.pdf / 534358B40176B8E127754C047219D70D
Press Release SPCFPD 011414.pdf / 131FC6942BE43766C128647E7B08F136
PressReleaseFeb-11-2014.pdf / 67529E3D7BE38139929178D696AB43F7
vacate meeting 040914.pdf / 3B888E02FCD8FE9D7F68889CFFECC2EE
2014.01.02-SPCFPD_Board_Minutes.pdf / E3B2FA474BF6DFA5E643BCE277B2773C
2014.01.09-SPCFPD_Board_Minutes.pdf / 34310ED16B3EC599784694817CE07C7B
2014.01.16-SPCFPD_Board_Minutes.pdf / C4BC300F1445D4F1D9BFF08DE5763B9C

2014-05-01 - Received and posted April 2014 Treasurer's Report.
2014-05-01 - Received and posted May 2014 Roster.

Received and posted May 2014 Roster from Acting Chief Mandel containing the following changes: Doug Schellenger, Sadie Kubick, Kathleen Mikesell, Robert Payeur, Ruth Herrera, Kale Casey and Roberta Smith removed. Lydia Reynolds, Tim Rucker and Mike Brandt added.

2014-04-29 - Received and posted Board Agenda for May 01, 2014.
2014-04-16 - Posted newsletter and blurb.

Posted "Watch For Ballot" election information on main page under 2014 Board of Director Election section. Posted April 2014 Newletter (Vol 2014, Issue 02).

2014-04-11 - Received and posted notice of April 17, 2014 Special Meeting.
2014-04-09 - Posted Public Announcement of Vacated Meeting.
2014-04-08 - Received and posted March Meeting Minutes.

Received and posted minutes for March 06, 2014 and March 13, 2014 Board meetings.

2014-04-04 - Received and posted March 2014 Treasurer's Report.
2014-04-01 - Received and Posted April 03, 2014 Board Meeting Agenda.
2014-03-31 - Received and did not post Steve Wilson bio.

Received candidate biography for Steve R. Wilson via email 2014.03.30T22:19:00 - however, did not post, due to instructions that we are only allowed to put on the website biographies which use the form approved and sent out by the Board of Directors (to encourage consistency and fairness) and officially sanctioned by the District's lawyers.

2014-03-28 - Posted Notice of Special Meeting for 03/31/2014.
2014-03-25 - Created section on main page for candidate biographies.

Added section on main page under 2014 Board Election to post candidate biographies as they're submitted, with candidate names listed in order of Lot Drawing. Added biographies for Kenneth C. Thomas (received via email 2014.03.23T19:55:00) and Jimmy Leon Ivey (received via email 2014.03.23T21:36:00).

2014-03-17 - Posted notice of special meeting for 03/21/2014.
2014-03-14 - Posted February 2014 Board Minutes.

Received and posted Board minutes for the February 06, 2014 and February 25, 2014 meetings.

2014-03-14 - Notice of Public Inclusions Hearing posted.

Received and posted notice of public hearing regarding inclusions, for the April 03, 2014 regular Board Meeting; linked under 'Statutory Postings' and on main page.

2014-03-13 - Received and posted Plan For Conduct of Mail Ballot Election.
2014-03-12 - Posted admended agenda.

Agenda for Special Meeting 3/13/2014 admended to remove personnel matter discussion.

2014-03-10 - Received and Posted Agenda for March, 13, 2014 Special Meeting.
2014-03-09 - Posted May Election Update Article.

Posted article "May Election Update", received from Anita Long 2014/03/08, on main page under '2014 Board of Director Election' and under Agenda & News menu item.

2014-03-09 - Modified Changelog Process.

Created exceedingly basic git log and pipe to sed to spit out a changelog include file for website edits. This allows me to only type these changes in one place. Added styles and changes to changelog page to support this, and moved manually entered data thru 2014 to separate page.

2014-03-09 - Posted March 2014 Bylaws and February 2014 Treasurer's Report.

Posted updated Board Bylaws for March 2014, which has the following text added: "except that those directors who also serve as volunteer fire fighters shall be allowed to receive as compensation, PEP points in accordance with the District's rules/guidelines and in accordance with C.R.S. 32-1-902." Posted February 2014 Treasurer's Report. Added "Nancy Vee Harper" as an appointed board director.

2014-03-05 - Posted Agenda, Lot Drawing, Roster, and Training.

Received and posted Board Agenda for March 06, 2014 meeting. Posted training for 2nd quater, 2014. Posted March 2014 Roster. Posted DEO Lot Drawing Notice (received from Treasurer Anita Long). Changed Board Secretary from Roberta Smith to Mike Brandt, and linked email accordingly on Directors and Documents page.

2014-02-25 - Posted Links and Multiple Minutes.

Posted link to the new special district election law on front page. Received and posted edited and approved Board Meeting Minutes for the following "special meetings": January 09, January 16, January 27, and January 30, 2014. Updated email link for Rhonda Davis' direct email address, due to tnclaw's server bouncing email from ''.

2014-02-24 - Received and posted agenda and notice of special meeting.

Received and posted agenda and notice of special meeting for February 25, 2014.

2014-02-19 - Posted new and updated forms. Added Facebook and Twitter.

Received and posted Call for Nominations (published in the Flume on February 14th) and updated Self-Nomination and Acceptance form. Created a Twitter account for tweeting SPCFPD items. Created an official Facebook page for SPCFPD, to allow contrary options to be moderated. Placed both Twitter and Facebook 'badges' on main page.

2014-02-12 - Posted February 11, 2014 Press Release.

Received and posted February 11, 2014 Press Release from Board Chair Mason.

2014-02-09 - Posted January 2014 Treasurer's report.
2014-02-05 - Received and posted Agenda for February 06, 2014 Board Meeting.
2014-02-01 - Posted Roster and DEO/Election related information.

Received and posted February 2014 Roster from Acting Chief Mandel containing the following changes: Deputy Fire Dog Dylan, Davis H. Tilton, Ric Turley, and Ruth Herrera added. Jim Yoder, Steven Rizzio, Lawrence Epps, and John Stride removed. Updated Directors & Documents Page DEO to reference Rhonda Davis and not Mary Ann Melvin. Posted updated blurb on main page with new DEO contact information. Posted updated Special District Transparency Notice, with DEO related changes. Posted summary of Anita Long's January 30, 2014 Board Meeting presentation regarding May 2014 election. (This massive batch of work was put together by Anita.)

2014-01-27 - Posted Special Meeting agenda for January 30, 2014.
2014-01-25 - Posted Press Release and updated transparency notice.

Received and posted updated 2014 Special District Transparency Notice - removed Gene Stanley as Director. Received edited (by Anita) version of Flip's Flume article on the Appreciation Dinner to post as blog entry.

2014-01-24 - Received and posted January 24, 2014 Special Meeting Agenda.
2014-01-24 - Posted updated notices and blurb.

Received and posted updated 2014 Special District Transparency Notice - email for Designated Election Officer added. Received and posted blurb on main page with contact information for Designated Election Officer, due to the increased interest in this year's election process. Posted Revised 2014 Self-Nomination and Acceptance form.

2014-01-22 - Updated Directors & Documents page.

Updated Directors & Documents page to reflect vacant board position from Gene Stanley's resignation, and Mary Ann Melvin's position as Designated Election Officer. Added email forwarder for Jim Ivey to email address provided by Board Chair Mason.

2014-01-20 - Updated Directors & Documents page.

Updated Directors & Documents page with changes from Treasurer Anita Long to simplify and clarify the terms of Board Directors.

2014-01-19 - Posted updated 2014 Transparency Notice.

Received and posted updated 2014 Special District transparency notice. Change was correction to term of a Director.

2014-01-17 - Posted multiple forms and updates.

Added Gene Stanley and Jim Ivey as Board Directors. Received (from Director/Treasurer Anita Long) and posted: Approved 2014 Budget (updated with 2013 actuals), 2014 Special District Transparency Notice (updated Directors and Acting Chief), and January 2014 Newsletter.

2014-01-15 - Received and posted Press Release.

Received and posted Press Release Regarding SPCFPD from Board Chair Mason.

2014-01-14 - Received and posted January 16, 2014 Board Agenda.
2014-01-14 - Updated DOLA Notice
2014-01-10 - Removed Election Form. Posted 2013 Incident Summaries.

Removed Generel Election Self-Nomination And Acceptance Form and replaced with DOLA Notice. Posted Incident Summary for 2013.

2014-01-10 - Posted Approved 01/02/2014 Board Meeting Minutes.
2014-01-09 - Received and posted 01/09/14 Meeting Agenda.

Received and posted Special Board Meeting Agenda for January 09, 2014, and updated Contact Us page.

2014-01-07 - Posted Mike Simpson Termination Press Release.
2014-01-06 - Posted updated January 2014 roster.

Receieved and posted updated roster from Board Chair Amy Mason containing the following changes: Mike Simpson, Mike Parrish, Gordon Scott, Joe Edgeson and Harry Gintzer removed.

2014-01-05 - Posted received documents.

Received and posted: December 2013 Treasurer's Report, SPCFPD Bylaws - January 2014 Edition (Article VI on page 4 changed to confirm with state law), Notice of SPCFPD Special Meetings in Jan 2014.

2014-01-03 - Posted Minutes and Press Release.

Posted December 19, 2013 Special Meeting Minutes and New Acting Chief and Board Member press release from Amy Mason. Trimmed FAQ. Removed deprecated files from server.

2014-01-01 - Noted cancellation of special meeting.